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With the free services you are the product and it is you that is sold, your data (email, pictures, chat messages, websites surfed, etc.) is not yours, it is never deleted and can be retrieved, it is searched and maketing companies target you based upon words in your e-mail. You give free services permission to read, store, keep forever, and scan your data when you sign up.

You understand this, which is why you are looking at paid service where your data, personal information, and all else are yours and yours alone. And so and found yourself here, now why us over anyone else?

We are privately held, beholden to no investors, nobody but our customers. We are well established - formed in 1999, our service is well tested, it was built and is trusted by privacy professionals. We have a long history of providing exceptional all inclusive privacy services for web sufring, email, messaging, chat, and more, pretty much everything you do on the Internet.

We force perfect forward secrecy, so that each encrypted session uses an ephemeral key, which means that even if the master key is ever compromised, captured traffic cannot be decrypted.

All of our services hide your IP address (which is like a telephone number in identifying you) along with much more that can be used to identify/track/or hack you..

You don't have to install anything from us to use our service. All your favorite standards based software and apps work with us. Use your phone, tablet, or computer. Any regular mail app, ssh app, vpn app that supports the standards based protocols we offer will work. You can also use our web interfaces.

We don't keep personally identifying information, we don't store credit card information on any server of ours, we don't know anything about you but what you tell us.

We offer simple and easy to use advanced e-mail, vpn, proxies, ssh tunneling, and web hosting, inexpensively too.

We operate in a the most transparent manner possible..

This is some of what makes us unique:

First and foremost, we stand by our services like no other. A large reason for a paid service is support and we know and understand this. One example: if you did not receive an e-mail you should have or a receiver did not get one you sent, we will quickly track down what happened for you and resolve it quickly if within our power, not send you some auto-response. Try asking one of the free services why you didn't receive a mail you should have. They won't even check, but just reply in boilerplate..

Second, we offer you more features and services and far more control of them than anyone else in our field.

We offer you the most control of your mail, in fact you'd have to run your own e-mail server to get similar control (and you still likely wouldn't duplicate everything our service can do). Whether server-side spam or other filtering on just about anything, redirection based upon anything, sending SMS alerts to your phone for specific mail, unlimited aliases (addresses) in 20+ domains with the ability to shut off any specific alias without affecting any other e-mail should that address get sold or spammed, email hosting of unlimited personal domains for your account, securely and automatically retrieving mail from other places so all your e-mail is in one place, and you also have full control over your data (when you delete a mail, it is really gone and not on a cloud somewhere or in some backup somewhere) and so much more.

We are very easy to use, yet power users will find they can control just about every aspect of the service to tailor it to their needs.

A few key privacy related e-mail features:

We don't just strip the IP address from mail you send using our webmail, we remove all identifying information regardless of what you use to send e-mail. Your IP address, information about the device you are using (phone, tablet, or computer) and the software version headers that the mail app you are using to read and send your email adds. All are removed. You have full control of your mail headers regardless of what mail app you use with us. You can choose not to remove any headers if you wish, as well as change them too.

Why is that important? Mail apps can (and some do) place your IP address hidden in headers, they all also add headers showing what you are using for a device, what software versions you use, and more.

You don't know where this information may end up, once you send someone an e-mail, it is out of your control. That e-mail may end up posted on the web, forwarded, etc. and all someone needs to do is read your mail headers to find out where you are, what you use, and what software versions. If there is a vulnerability in anything you use, they may then only need to send a specially crafted e-mail targeting your specific software and device to compromise it.

Not with us, no matter what you use to send your e-mail, that information will not be in it when you send mail through us. While this is definitely not an alternative to keeping your software patched and up to date, why give out that information at all?

Beyond this, you may not want someone to know you are answering their mail from your phone and not at your computer in your office (btw, being able to change headers too means that you can set your sent mail with us to all look like it came from your office computer even if on your phone). And, as with all of our features, you have full control.

We also protect you from automatic read receipts, regardless of what mail app you use. These tell the sender that you received and/or read the e-mail and some mail apps tell them automatically. Not with us, and again, you have the control and can choose to allow this if you want.

We even offer the ability to send a completely untraceable e-mail should you desire to anonymously "whistle-blow" without it being able to even be traced back to us.

We simply offer more features for your hard earned money than anyone else. We think you'll like our no nonsense approach and vast array of features and soon wonder how you functioned without it all. We provide everything you need to mold a complete privacy service that best fits your needs and grows with you.

More information:

Advanced Private E-Mail Service

SSH Tunneling & Privacy Proxies

Virtual Private Network

Professional Web Hosting

All in one service!

All VPN, SSH, and proxy services include UNMETERED bandwidth!

All e-mail services include unlimited free domain hosting for your own domains.

Subscription service pricing

We also offer Dedicated Servers with unmetered bandwidth

Everything is encrypted and standards based:

  • We are open source standards based. We support all popular methods of encryption across all services.
  • Being standards based means that your favorite application will work with us. Use IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, and more. The VPN will work with your choice of OpenVPN or PPTP VPN client. The service works with windows, OSX, and unix. It works with phones, tablets and computers. It is operating system independent.
  • Full encryption means nobody can tell what you are mailing, receiving, surfing, instant messaging, or anything else you may do on the Internet.
  • Protect yourself from snooping family members, isp techs, or anyone else who may have access to your network.
  • Protect yourself when using public internet, wifi hotspots, and other unsecured locations.
  • Protect yourself from spammers, hackers, stalkers, identity thieves and more.

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